Hotel Operations Consulting

Your property's profitability is directly tied to your ability to develop and retain the best possible team. By building a comprehensive, fully customizable human resource management program for you, we can create a solution that enhances the guest experience, gets the most out of your team, and enhances your bottom line. At Travelers Hotel Group, we understand your financial goals, as well as the needs of the employees who serve as ambassadors for your business, and specialize in satisfying both.

"The best guest experience always stems from a well-trained and appreciated Staff"

  • American Hotel Educational Institute Training
  • Franchise Training Programs
  • FNH Corporate Training Programs
  • Regional Departmental Training Programs
  • Sales Training and Sales Referral Program

Food & Beverage

Managed properly, a hotel's restaurant and bar can become a profit center. But this transformation requires a highly skilled team dedicated to the task. Travelers Hotel Group possesses the expertise and training programs that can help you transform an underachieving asset into a profitable part of your business, capable of making a healthy contribution to your bottom line. We have the capabilities to dynamically enhance your food and beverage operations, including menu planning, effective pricing strategies, inventory control, and cost-management, dovetailed with customized promotion and in-house merchandising. Even if your restaurant is already operating profitably, we can show you how to build upon that success, by expanding your existing customer base and giving you the tools to attract more guests from a wider geographical area.

Technical Services

  • Prepare 1-5 year pro-forma operating projections with supporting details
  • Prepare budgets, projections and pre-opening marketing plan
  • Recruit, train, direct, supervise and employ the on-site staff required to open and operate a hotel or resort
  • Secure all licenses necessary for the operation of the hotel
  • Coordinate with the owner, general contractor, interior designer and installer of FF&E on the pre & post scheduling of the hotel


With over 40 years of experience in construction management and oversight, Travelers Hotel Group understands the importance of maintaining cost control, adhering to franchise standards and requirements, procuring reliable resources, and doing everything possible to finish each project on schedule. We have the skills to implement and manage a renovation project with minimal impact on ongoing hotel operations or detracting from the guest experience.


At Travelers Hotel Group, we understand that the price you pay for things is as important as what you buy. An innate understanding of pricing structures is key to maximizing ROI, but it requires the skills of an experienced team. We have established relationships with key vendors and suppliers around the country, cultivating purchasing power that we're able to pass on to our clients, allowing you to realize the best possible prices on a range of supplies, including:

  • Food & Beverage Inventory
  • Hotel, laundry & guest room supplies
  • New Construction / renovation materials & contract labor
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF & E)